Who Is Maria F. La Riva

#1 International Bestseller Author

From a very early age Maria realized that something was wrong in her family. At 9 years old, she was reading Erroneous Zones by Dr. Wayne Dyer, trying to make sense of the crazy life she was living. "Apparently, my life was great when I was a child. I lived in Paris and went to the best schools in France and the USA. Never the less, I felt abandoned and worthless."

For thirty years I went through pretty harsh times until I found some extraordinary modalities that offered me tools to become strong and successful and leave behind my past. I have to thank ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS that gave me the confidence and push to be a creator!

"I know, I've been there" is her most common sentence when coaching. People feel at ease with her, knowing she can understand them from personal experiences and think that if she could come to a tranquil state of mind being successful, then they would also be able to.

She expresses ideas in her #1 International Bestseller books that are the base of her success. She applies these theories to empower people all around the world to be the power they are. Her books are being sold in all continents changing people's life only after having read just a few pages "And that is a great satisfaction" she comments.

"I have already done all the research and work for you. I found shortcuts you can use without any strain or big effort from your part; they work!  I will show you the powerful person you knew you could be.

My studies with various masters, facilitators and doctors around the world, has led me to wanting to help others recover from fear, sickness, depression and stress.  I hope you use the knowledge I have gained throughout my life to create a most unimaginable life for you."

Contact her for free goodies at http://MariaFLaRiva.com

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